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Returns and Exchanges


How to return an item you've bought on our site

If you wish to discuss or organise return, exchange or refund of any item, please contact the seller (we call them our partners) concerned. Please contact the seller to agree return of the products BEFORE sending. To contact the seller sign in to your account, then click on the 'order enquiry' button next to the relevant order.

IMPORTANT: if you are unsure about an item before you buy it and/or return it, please always double check the returns policy directly with the seller concerned because many are special items which may be non-returnable. See this returns page for guidance, but please CHECK with the seller and their own pages on this website, too.

Our returns policy

We want you to be happy with the goods and service that you receive from our sellers and so do they. As such, all sellers will provide the following guarantee to all shoppers so that you have peace of mind when ordering any product through the website.

You have:

  • 28 days, from the receipt of goods, in which you can cancel your order.
  • Seven days, from the day after that on which you agree to go ahead with any service, in which you can cancel your order (unless the service has already been provided).
  • You MUST cancel your order in writing within the timeframes given.
  • There are naturally exceptions to the terms shown above, where for instance products are specially made, so please carefully read and check the details below before ordering any item.

About our sellers' own respective returns policies

  • Sellers will all comply with the 28-day terms above, unless:
    • They are exempt for reasons stated below
    • They have chosen to extend the returns period at their own discretion.
  • It is essential that you check the sellers' own pages, or contact them immediately upon receipt of confirmation of your order, for specific details of their own returns policies. This will vary from seller to seller and is completely at their own discretion, so long as it is within the relevant UK legislation.
  • Please note the exemptions and exceptions below to the standard returns procedure and 28-day cancellation period, where the following items are likely to be non-returnable and non-refundable:
    • personalised items that are specially made, or ordered, with your choice of name, fabric, message or other customized aspect
    • perishable products, including food and flowers
    • personal products such as underwear, jewellery (especially earrings), cosmetics
    • large items of furniture which are often specially made or ordered
    • homewares that are made up in your own choice of fabric or material, such as lampshades, throws, cushions and other items.
    • art, photography, sculpture, ceramics and other creations that are often specially commissioned when you place an order.
  • Please make sure you understand the relevant sellers' returns policies whenever you buy.

How to return a product

  • It is essential to please notify the seller in writing if you wish to cancel your order.
  • You must NOT destroy or dispose of any product, even if it is faulty, before arrangements have been discussed with the seller.
  • Following such notification and subject to the terms of this policy, and terms & conditions for shoppers on this website, the seller will then issue a refund of your order payment.
  • Please ensure that you agree with the seller in writing when and how you will return the goods (unless such requirements are clearly stated in the seller's order confirmation, terms & conditions or returns pages) before the end of the 28-day period (or such other period which may apply). If you believe the goods are faulty, then you must explain this at this time.
  • You must return the goods appropriately packed to the seller from whom you bought them.
  • The costs of return postage will be at your expense unless the goods are faulty or the seller in question offers a 'free returns' service.
  • Please include with the returned goods your full contact details, a note stating the reason for return and specify any exchange you wish to make to replace the returned item.
  • Please obtain proof of postage.
  • Refunds or exchanges will be made to you within 28 days of receipt of the returned goods, as long as you have followed all of the procedures and timeframes above, conditional upon stock availability.
  • Refunds will be made to your credit or debit card only, via SagePay,'s online payment facility.

This information summarises the main terms of our sellers' (partners') returns policies. However, we do not warrant or guarantee that the information set out above will apply to the goods or services you have purchased. You must check the relevant seller's (partners') own pages on this website for this information. We are not responsible in any way whatsoever for any loss or damages you may suffer in relation to the information set out above, our sellers' returns or refunds policies or in relation to any goods or services you purchase or return.