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The Hadrian's Wall Trust

The Trust's role is to lead and facilitate all aspects of managing the World Heritage Site for the long term benefit of local and regional communities, working in partnership with a wide range of partners and stakeholder to protect the archaeology, conserve the landscape that surrounds it, promote understanding and access, and realise the potential of the WHS to contribute to the social and economic benefit of local and regional communities through sustainable tourism development and sense of place.

A Wall-wide, holistic, interdisciplinary, partnership based approach is central to this role.


  • to advance the education of members of the public in the history of Hadrian's Wall, its significance and any related subject;
  • to promote for the benefit of the public the improvement of the physical and natural environment of Hadrian's Wall and surrounding regions;
  • to promote the conservation and protection of Hadrian's Wall and its environment for future generations;
  • to promote Sustainable Development for the benefit of the public by:
  •   i) the preservation, conservation and protection of the environment and prudent use of resources; and
  •   ii) the promotion of sustainable means of achieving economic growth and regeneration within the area of Hadrian's Wall and surrounding areas.
  • to promote for the benefit of the public urban or rural regeneration in areas of economic deprivation in areas surrounding Hadrian's Wall.

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